Shared Hosting

We provide a range of Linux and Windows shared hosting packages tailored to meet most needs.

Our prices are reasonable, our servers are fast and reliable and our service level is high.

Our Linux hosting packages start at €78 per annum ex VAT. And no, we are not the cheapest hosting provider in Ireland, but we have learned after 15 years in the business that hosting is a service not a commodity.

You may begin the signup process here or give us a call to discuss your needs.

More on Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting means your web site lives on a server with many other sites. It is the cheapest option and suits most sites. If your site is not particularly busy (most are not) and is there to support your business rather than be your business shared hosting (as long as the provider is reliable and the environment reasonably secure) is probably the best choice.

There are some security concerns: think of it as living in a large block of appartments where the only really secure lock is on the front door of the building - not on your own front door.

Also, depending on the server and how many clients are sharing it, there can be performance issues as you are sharing resources. Thre is a reasl cost to hosting, managing ans supportign a server - the cheaper the package the poorer each of these is likely to be.

There is an article different types hosting account HERE.